The countryside and places to see

La Forestadi Cajada

The vast Cajada Forest (or, locally, Cajada) is a magnificent natural amphitheatre, of very high environmental value, suspended over the high Desedan Valley. Part of the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park is located in the middle of dense woods with remarkable biotypes: silver firs, beeches, larches and mugo pines.
The green undulating glades and the vast pasture basin characterise the locality of Palughet.

The secluded valley Val de Grisol

The valley offers a substantially intact nature, with fascinating corners carved by the Grisol stream, alternating waterfalls and potholes formed over the millennia. A magnificent place, suitable for quiet walks, as well as longer and more challenging hikes. This deep and beautiful valley, nestled and lonely, provides wonderful sceneries. Formed by the flow of the stream of the same name, right tributary of the Maé, the Val del Grisol is an enchanting place of enormous environmental value, a gateway to the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park and towards the Pian de Fontana and Pramperet refuges.